Announcement - new release V 2.0 Introduction of new schema version ISO 20022 V2019 - SPS 2022

  • pain.001 version 09
  • pain.002 version 10
  • camt.05x version 08

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Information on how Zürcher Kantonalbank handles personal data can be found at Information related to this test platform is sent by e-mail. Communication via a channel not operated by the bank (e.g. e-mail, SMS) is usually unencrypted. Unauthorised third parties may thereby gain knowledge of the sender, the recipient and the transmitted content. They can conclude from this information that there is a business relationship. Bank-client confidentiality cannot be maintained and you thereby release the bank from its obligation to maintain bank-client confidentiality. Data may be transferred abroad, where data protection policies may not be comparable to those in Switzerland.